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Hello again,

May I introduce to you the second album of Rooms Filled that’s called: “Closed Walls Without a Door”. In the past months making music as a band was still very difficult also due to other circumstances, but standing still and doing nothing, that’s still not me. With Manckh we have a great spirit and motivation. Hopefully we will record our new album soon. Until that time, I had to do something.

This time I also went again to the JB Studio Almelo. There is the album mixed and mastered during April/May of 2022. In four songs the vocals were recorded at this studio.

Right after the launching of the first cd, ideas of making a second album came forward.

In January of 2021 I chose a few songs from my endless collection of songs (I am writing songs all the time in my spare time) that would fit on the new album. At first 4 songs, but after a short while it became 10 songs. All created in SHRS (Seb’s Home Recording Studio). I listened to the songs and they needed some extra. These extras were delivered by Henri, Julian, Bob, Bram and Felicity. Thank you for your contributions on this album “Closed Walls Without a Door”.

But the inspiration to add more songs kept on growing. So, I added two songs with vocals (one of them with German lyrics) and two instrumental songs. Eventually it became a full-length cd with 14 songs.

The cover concept is again designed by Mandy.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy this new music on “Closed Walls Without a Door” and maybe we see each other sometime at a Manckh concert.