Low Tones:

An instrumental song written in 1 evening with 8 bass guitars. Only the Low Tones.

Personal Meltdown:

Featuring Henri on vocals

Your hurt is so strong that you cannot cope with it anymore. It’s making you desperate. You want it to stop, but you can’t. You fall into a personal meltdown.

My Will Is Broken:

Featuring Bob on drums

When you lose everything you own in a split second, your will is totally broken.

Irrelevant Things:

Featuring Felicity on vocals

When a person close to you passes away. The grief is one thing, but the loss is greater. You wish the person was still here and you see a vision everywhere. Small irrelevant things reminding you of this person suddenly begin to matter.

No Choice Of Your Own:

When you are at an age that you think your life is complete. You don’t want to life anymore. Your choice is it to pass away when you want to, but people around you are trained to keep you alive against your will. It’s no choice of your own to decide to give it all up.

Closed Walls Without a Door:

I knew a man who never told how much pain he had. He played bass and painted pictures in his spare time. A very good artist that hided his pain for everyone, but we all saw the pretense. He hide behind closed walls without a door.


An instrumental song with a title that’s an important date to me in the near future.

Empty Chair:

Featuring Henri on vocals

Losing a friend that committed suicide is terrible. Afterwards you have a million questions. At the dinner table a chair stays empty. The empty chair the friend used to sit in…

Full Speed Ahead:

In a cult everybody follows the leader, but sometimes someone comes to his senses. He sees what goes wrong and can’t imagen that nobody sees what he sees. The followers all drive the same way with full speed ahead.

Every Day:

Featuring Henri on vocals, Julian on drums and Bram on solo-guitar

Imagen you have a disease that is so progressive that each day your pain in all your muscles gets worse and worse. Every day it’s a struggle to survive. Your energy comes to the lowest point. Every day you hope that it’s over. This terrible disease is called: Fibromyalgia.

No Washing Can Clean That Off:

Featuring Henri on vocals

Abuse gets in the head. You will never forget what is done to you. The filth you feel cannot be washed of.

This lyric is an addition to the lyric “In Silence, In Tears” of the Manckh album “Closure & Finish”.

Nothing At All:

Being on the road away of the city and looking around. The things you see are beautiful. An enormous space around where we humans look so small. So small that we are nothing, nothing at all compared to the space around us.

What Just Happened Over Here?

A dream with weird things happening so fast, that afterwards waking up, you ask yourself: “What just happened over here?”.

Keinen Einfluss:

(bonus track)

Another song with a German lyric.
I got the taste for it ;-)

Competent authorities with incompetent officials. When you get in contact with them, you’ll have no influence (Keinen Einfluss). Preparing has no use. Everything will be treated the same. Your file will be thrown on an endless pile.

Naturally you can read the lyrics, like you want them to be. In your own personal situation. Enjoy this music. Thank you for listening.

Lyrics explained to stay in the main theme.

I’m Shocked:

Featuring Henri on vocals

This song is about how stupid you can be after a contact ritual or séance that gone wrong doing it one more time again! Thinking this time it will not go wrong! But I’m shocked that it did go wrong. I should have been more careful.

Rooms Filled:

Being in a room that seems empty. Got knocked down. Felt the fear and anger that is present, but there is really no one around. Awoken the evil spirits by calling them up. A great mistake. Now the rooms In This House of Pain are filled with dark anomalies.

Mind’s Eye:

Maybe a mind’s eye can give some explanations of what is going on in this house of pain. A contact with the energy of the deceased. A mind’s eye sees things other people can’t see.

So I Have Faith:

Featuring Jean on solo guitar

The women with the mind’s eye tells me things she could not know about me. She made contact with the people I lost and being in the hereafter. From what she told me, I became a believer. So I have faith in her.


Featuring Henri on vocals

After a while a contact of the afterworld invited me to come again into this house of pain. This time I’ll pass…


(bonus track)

A song with a German lyric I have been challenged to do by a good friend (thank you Henri).

It’s about a killer that takes revenge (Rache). He or she hijacks the persons who did the killer wrong. Gets them drunk. Puts an airtight blanket over their body, so they suffocate slowly. The killer can’t believe that this all came true. Maybe these deceased persons are the evil spirits In This House of Pain?

Naturally you can read the lyrics, like you want them to be. In your own personal situation. Enjoy this music. Thank you for listening.