Every Day

The pain fibromyalgia causes is with not enough words to explain, so the video shows some words who will give a clear few. Pictures try to explain how the pain feels and looks like if you could show it to someone. The problem is that this enormous pain is not visible at the outside of the person, like for example a broken bone. The pain is there, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Every Day. It never stops…

My Will Is Broken

The video is about a person that lives on the streets and shelters under a bridge or in a self-made hut. He drinks to get through the day. Plays his bass to forget the problems. He is totally broken…

Empty Chair

The lyrics contain the aftermath of losing a friend that committed suicide…

The video is the layout of the cd in all its glory. You’ll see the details coming by. Also a first sketch of the person in the box. This person is in a box with closed walls and no doors…

Full Speed Ahead

People who are following a cult leader (for instance: Charles Manson) all drive the same way (metaphoric). In the video the person drives the opposite way.

Low Tones

This song is written on bass-guitar only. In the video you’ll see each bass played by Seb. In totally 8 basses are shown. A fretless, a tin box (as a body) and a 7 string are three of them. A nice start of a project of a bass-player ;-)


The artwork and layout of this album is made by Mandy (THX ;-). The details of the drawing are shown in this video piece by piece. In the end of the video the whole picture is shown and you’ll see a creature standing in a doorway. When you look closely you’ll see that the room is filled with spirits. Spirits who are lost in this house of pain.

Mind's Eye

This is the video from Rooms Filled called “Mind’s Eye”. It’s a constant red anomaly that runs through all of the filmed rooms and environments only seen by a mind’s eye.

I’m Shocked

The video for “I’m Shocked” is basically a bass play through, but you’ll see Henri in the left corner actually singing in the studio recording this song.